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Testimonials: Kind Words from Previous Professional Clients.

testimonials for Consulting Cumbria business supportMany thanks to my clients for the work and the words.  Both are important components of both yours and my strategy to be found online by our next big customers.  Contact us on 01228 907 795 to find out how you can develop a strategy to boost your online reviews or combat malicious attacks on your business reputation.



Linked In recommendations

Consulting Cumbria Recommendations on Linked In

Recommendations on Linked In


“… then implemented both on time and to a very high standard. From that point, Ray has been available to help with any problems…”

Steve Jennings, Competition in Banking, Windsor

“… Ray spent time checking out similar websites and provided me with a comprehensive list of key words …”
Jane Sutton, Education Consultant, Carlisle


  Recommendations From Our Facebook Page

 Recommendations on Consulting Cumbria Facebook Page

Consulting Cumbria Facebook Page Recommendations


“…Facebook course run by Ray and it was excellent. Learned so much…”

Alan Bell, Padthaistreat, Carlisle




 Reviews From Google Plus Local


Google Plus Local consulting Cumbria Listing and review from Cumbria Cabs

Google Plus Local consulting Cumbria Listing and review



“First Class work done for our website…”

Alistair Nixon, Cumbria Cabs, Carlisle.




 Reviews From Free Listings in Major Business Directories

consulting cumbria in freeindex powerful online directoty for local business marketing

Powerful Free Directory for Local Businesses with a Paid Option

“Really helpful practical advice…”

Phillip Lea, Chartered Surveyor, Lancaster




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Ray Cassidy Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Consultant

After what seemed like years of floundering and deliberation in the fast moving internet world I was getting nowhere extremely quickly with Facebook. I had a page that I couldn’t format, I had a brand that was ripe for development and if I did pluck up the courage to do anything it was a stab in the dark with unknown results. I didn’t want to waste my time on hours of fruitless blogging. I was nearer giving up than getting back to basics.

Enter Ray Cassidy with a simplicity of approach that was understandable, comprehensive and allowed me to move on with a purpose! Ray is clearly in touch with what he is doing and, more importantly, what the customer needs. He is enthusiastic and connects well with the end users – me and my customers.

Don’t try and get too clever, just get going one step at a time. No-one likes to waste time on irrelevances. Ray will steer you through the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and beyond so that you are a comfortable and confident user of Social Media.

Phil Tinning


Testimonial from Caro McCourtie (Mentor) during Training on OHM Training for Offline Marketing

As you would know, I sent out an email a few hours ago about the changes in Google Places.

I then got sent (a video clip RC) by a customer of OHM, that I want to share with you: (now removed as outdated by Google’s constant changes. RC)

For the simple and very powerful reason, is that Ray has chosen to step into the Market Leader role.

A role that is open to each and everyone of you!

I have not as yet asked Ray’s permission to broadcast this, however I’d love to assist Ray with anything I can do to help his business and profile as I am so impressed with his proactive response to the Google Places changes, so I’ll happily risk any displays of outrage :p

Honestly, Ray, this is what defines the future (& current) leaders & what will keep the majority playing small and fearful.

Ray has been very active on our OHM forum about what he was seeing happen with Google Places. I was careful to guide him to being an observer as opposed to a reactor.

At no stage did Ray display fear, anger or any of the manifestations of those emotions in the face of what were very real changes happening before him.

Instead he’s sought advice. Asked questions. Offered his own insights. And really sought to educate himself and be of value to his prospects/clients.

This is all the behavior of a Market Leader. A mantle I would wish for everyone of you to don.

What I also liked about Ray’s video is that he is offering value in a way that is in keeping with his personal style.

Ray is real. His accent is real. His approach is real. His knowledge is real. All of these are powerful when positioning yourself as a market leader!

Ray may be still new to this game. As many of you are. AND he is putting himself out there. He is both learning from the ‘experts’ and also positioning himself as someone to be listened to.

I certainly want to listen to him as much as I do the major gurus. This is how to position yourself as a colleague, a leader, a captain of your industry (a term my mother loves lol).

I hope you choose to take that stance for yourself, in your consulting business, or any online business you may choose to implement.

Well done Ray!


Caro 🙂 (Caro McCourtie – Marketing Consultant)

Offline Hero’s Method 02/08/2011