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SEO Services Cumbria and Borders

Consulting Cumbria Ltd provide a complete range of search engine optimisation services (SEO) to help your business achieve prominence in the eyes of your best customers and clients.

Bespoke SEO Solutions for Cumbria, the Borders and Beyond

Do you need the best SEO services Cumbria and Borders businesses can find? Consulting Cumbria offers complete “done for you” search engine optimisation solutions? We can structure everything: from keyword research and  onpage optimisation; to safe and ethical link building.  Finally you can leave your SEO process to the experienced hands of Consulting Cumbria Ltd and our partners while you focus on the nitty gritty of running your business.

SEO Starter Pack for Existing Websites

This is suitable for a business which has already created a website, but where you are dissatisfied with its visibility and conversion rates.

Create the foundations your web designer never considered.  Rebuild your SEO so that YOUR BUSINESS is the only logical answer for the customers you need to attract. This is an identical first step to the process that monthly SEO clients will receive:

  • Website Audit – Discovering the improvements needed to get your website into peak performance mode. Tune-up, rank, be visible, convert and generate income.
  • Keyword & Competition Research – Discover how your customers are seeking solutions and know where to place yourself to be their answer in the search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Site Mapping; Grouping & Assigning Keywords – identifying the  best keyword themes; matching them to the best pages, mapping new pages that are needed to ensure the best message to market match.
  • Tuned in Titles & Descriptions – giving real people a hook to attract them to your website and Google exactly what it needs to value your website and your business as an authority..
  • Action Plan – we will give you a detailed strategy, outlining any steps our audit has identified for future improvements.
  • Implementation – in cooperation with your web developer and yourself we will execute changes and pass on information to your developer to complete.

SEO Starter Pack for New Websites

This has the same steps as the starter pack for an existing website, but is strategically more effective as it delivers a plan for the web developer to build in the optimum information architecture.

Individual Services

Website Audit

Detailed inspection of the match between what your clients or customers are seeking and how well your website delivers an answer to those people.  This service will identify the technical and marketing changes needed to get a website into its peak performance status to convert leads to sales. You will be able to Tune-up the content, rank in search results, be visible to the people that are most in need of your services, convert them and generate increased income.

Basic SEO Services Monthly

The Basic monthly package includes the following components: Keyword and competition research; On-Page SEO Research & Analysis and Google Plus account and business page setup.

Advanced SEO Services Monthly

Keywords and On-Page SEO Research & Analysis; Google Plus account and business page setup. major business directory listings

Ultimate Local Buzz Service

We are able to provide a completely bespoke local marketing boost with a variety of packages from these services:

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Duplicate Google Places Analysis, Duplicate Foursquare Analysis,Duplicate Facebook Places Analysis, Duplicate Bing Local Analysis, Competition Category Analysis, Ranking Comparison Report – Google, Yahoo, Bing, Current Directory Listing Analysis and Overview, Business Address Consistency Check among Existing Directories, Google Places Competition Profile Page Analysis, Local On Page Optimization Analysis, Google Places Compatibility Check, Business Information Intake, Business Information Validation, Business Address Verification (if applicable), Unique Email Account Creation for Local Listing Creations, Uploading of Logo for Linking into Local Listings, Google Plus Local – Creation and Optimization, Google Plus User Account Creation, Google Plus Business Page Creation, Bing Local – Creation and Optimization, Facebook Places – Creation and Optimization, Foursquare – Creation and Optimization, Top Local Directory Account Creation and Optimization (5, 20, 30, 4); Top Niche or Geo Related Directory Account Creation and Optimization (5, 20, 30, 4);Basic Mobile Website Creation, Mobile Website Products and Services Setup, QR Code, High Quality Image Sourcing, Image Editing with Branding, Image Optimization and Publication, Image Geotagging and Backlink Generation, Image Uploading/Publishing in Primary 4 Local Business Directories,Review and Promotion Collection and publication, Promotion Copy Writing, Promotion Banner/Image Design, Promotion Coupon Creation with Bar Code

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