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I’m Ray Cassidy and I work at the nitty gritty of online marketing all day- every day!  I work with other online marketing companies to ensure that our clients get the best solution for their particular marketing challenges and ambitions.


Our SEO Consultancy Approach

  • When you decide you need our assistance our first move is not to sell you a solution, but to understand your business’ goals, challenges, strengths and weaknesses.  Our aim is to find out whether our services are a good fit for your  business needs. Search Engine Optimisation is often an overlooked, part of a company’s marketing strategy, but isn’t the answer to all problems.
  • We offer a 1 to 1 initial consultation which can often take more than 2 hours and despite the time commitment this is a free and completely “no strings” offer, which provides valuable and actionable feedback about your current online marketing strength.
  • We go away and digest this information!
  • Depending on your challenges and ambitions we will issue a proposal that has a range of options to boost your business online.  Our speciality is boosting local company’s online exposure. In cooperation with partners we can also deliver solutions to businesses which seek national and global exposure.
  • We don’t deliver a one size fits all solution, our consulting is aimed at finding a bespoke digital marketing solution for your business, within its niche.

search marketing audits of seo ranking factors & conversionsAuditing of your current level of market optimisation will assess a variety of factors that are known to have a direct influence on a company’s ability to project their message effectively online:

  • your use of appropriate keywords in the  text and meta data of your pages
  • current levels of engagement with your website and social media presence.
  • current numbers of visitors (traffic)
  • visibility and accessibility of your website
  • Numbers and quality of listings in online directories and social bookmarking sites (citations) for Local Marketing
  • Number and quality of backlinks to your site
  • Page load speed.
  • Assessment of your competitor’s strength in the same areas.
  • Identification of easy battles to win and longer term campaigns that will be needed.

Audit Me

generating the best quality local citations with accurate NAP dataFor local focus businesses, citations are simply the listings in online business directories, review sites, news media and some social bookmarking sites. They are the mentions which carry that all important signature of local relevance- your NAP data.

NAP is the acronym for Name, Address and Phone number. The unique combination that pins your business to a certain physical place on the virtual map of the digital universe.

The service includes:

  • Identification of existing citations/ listings/ mentions.
  • Removal of damaging duplicates.
  • Correction of incorrect or outdated NAP data.
  • Optimisation and quality boosting of existing listings.
  • Creation of new high quality relevant listings to ensure your footprint out-does your competition.
  • Monitoring of yours and competitors listings.

I Need Buzz

We only do link building services honestly by earning authority from other websites in your line of workBacklinks are still an important ingredient in marketing yourself and your business online.  The days of easy but vulnerable success through scummy practises have thankfully disappeared, but the ability of your website to earn and attract links from other good quality websites and social media channels is still a huge part of what will get you in front of client eyeballs.

Benefits of an Ethical Backlinking Strategy

  • Links can send visitor traffic to your website.
  • Links from good websites boost your authority, value and subsequently your bottom line.
  • The stronger the linking website – the stronger your website becomes.

At Consulting Cumbria we will analyse the backlinks that you already have and highlight any potential problems.  Services for local businesses and those with a wider target reach are different.

For a local business we will recommend a service that focuses primarily on citation sites; directories that are in your market’s search engine results pages (SERPs) as these are clearly the relevant ones for you.

For national or international; focussed businesses we offer a wide range of backlinking activities which often involve generating high quality written information and imagery on your site to attract the right kind of attention and give a sound reason for another business or authority website to link their name to your website.

Everything that we do is focused on improving your website’s authority naturally and honestly. It’s the long way round and its benefits are also long lasting.  It will not bring the instant results that some businesses used to see in the Wild West days!  Backlinking is an investment for the long term.

We don’t offer “packages” as link building / generating / earning is a very individual recipe for each business.

Ring today to discover what we can do to raise your profile: 01228 907795 or 07576 893178

Cumbria Chamber of CommerceIn the past 2 years Consulting Cumbria has run several workshops and day courses for Cumbria Chamber of Trade and Commerce.  These sessions have been well received and generated further demand from businesses without the resources to outsource the work of online marketing.

We don’t recommend the DIY approach to Search Marketing having learned the hard way just how hard the work can be and how damaging mistakes can be in the ever changing world of search engine algorithms.  We feel it is better to hand the work to an experienced agency while the business focuses on their speciality.

We also recognise that not every business can afford the paid services but can be very willing to put in the time needed. We offer training in the following areas of expertise:

  • Using Social media for business.
  • Local Online Marketing
  • Local SEO

content marketing using test, images, video, sound and any kind of material to tell your brand story and get your message to resonate with your key audiencesContent Marketing really is the focus of modern Inbound Marketing.  Everything that a business publishes or sends out in its social media feed is part of the inbound content marketing formula that is used to attract new clients, customers and followers.  Together we can develop a strategy which takes careful note of the values, ambitions and capacity of your business to output helpful and valuable material to your tribe.

The essence of content marketing is to produce material that will on one hand answer questions and satisfy needs that are urgent for your next best client.  On the other hand the idea is to also surprise and delight those same people.  Alongside those two outcomes your content needs to tell the stories of your brand.

Content marketing also has to satisfy these aims while playing strongly to the long term underlying factors that drive search engines.  Search engines are constantly trying to surface authoritative, engaging and ultimately useful material for their users.  If you don’t produce new material, your online presence will gradually fade away allowing competitors to shine brightly in your place.

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