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Basic Optimisation For Local and Low Competition Marketing

For many businesses, particularly those working in a local marketplace or where their niche is very specialised, the online competition may not be very intense. These packages are for you.  

Basic Search Optimisation in More Detail

Here we outline the main points, features and prices of our typical BASIC packages that will help you to market yourself more visibly online.  More visibility means more eyeballs on YOU; which, in turn, means more chance of turning browsers into customers.

These basic packages are just illustrative of the type of work that is carried out on your behalf. The first month is occupied with a very careful assessment of which keywords are reasonable to aim for and matching them to the existing content on your website. Sometimes it turns out that there is no suitable pre-existing content and more writing may be needed to make the website a useful place for your potential customers. Next we create social media accounts that can be used for sharing your content with a wider audience. Social bookmarking accounts are added and then micro blogs are set up on authority hubs so that you can be in close proximity to yet another audience.

The strength of this approach is that the work will be carried out rigorously by assistants who know what they are doing and who take pride in your success. The process is methodical and reliable; something that is difficult for the business owner to achieve with all the other pressures on his or her time. Almost every underperforming website on the planet can benefit from this relatively light touch online marketing tune up.

The World Before SEO

Too many Websites are still planned, built and launched with no consideration of “tuning” to what people are actually asking! Business owners and graphically trained web designers re still frequently guilty of not finding out how they can build this tuning into the structure of the website from the start!

Our mission is to help businesses, with under performing websites, beef them up with carefully thought out content that serves the needs of customers or clients and builds you up as an authority on all things in your market… not just as the cheapest source of widgets or widget design services!

 The Benefits of Basic SEO Techniques
  • SEO Done Well = More Website Visitors 
  • More Traffic (visitors) = More Leads 
  • More Leads= More Sales 

If you prefer to learn through video, just take a look at this video. It explains in plain English what good quality, ethically performed and Guideline Compliant SEO can do for your website.