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What’s Your Local Digital Marketing Score?

What’s Your Local Score?

Enter a business name and postcode & discover how well optimised for local they are!

How to Find Out Your Business’ Local Digital Marketing Score!

  1. Type your business name (or be crafty and type in a competitor’s)
  2. Type in the postcode
  3. Click the Orange Scan Now button
  4. Spy on competitors – pop their brand and postcode in to se if they are outdoing you!
  5. This will only need a working email address where we can send the results.

Q:What will I Gain From This Digital Marketing Audit?

A:A Clearer Picture of What You are Doing Well!

With our simple to use but sophisticated scanning tool, we can quickly measure some of the basic aspects of your brand’s online presence. We then compare your digital presence with the currently accepted standards for effective local marketing and assign a score to 2 separate areas of presence or visibility & reputation. We also give you an overall score too.

This is an effective first step to getting your business up high and on top where you need it to be!