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SEO for Carlisle Businesses: Tuned for Visibility

Be Obvious!

Digital marketing creates more  leads for Carlisle businesses, with a properly optimised website.
SEO makes it easier to attract local clients and customers.

Do you want your business to:

  • Be seen by your target customers when they are ready to buy!
  • Be the obvious answer to their next big NEED or their wildest WANT!
  • Solve the problem of the invisible website in Carlisle searches!

Be Seen in Carlisle: Local SEO Works!

Consulting Cumbria Ltd saves you the hassle of search engine optimisation for your business. We take away the pain of invisibility and get you seen online by Carlisle buyers and clients!

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Carlisle buyers look for answers online before they come to your shop or store. Are you the business that appears when they are ready to buy? Using well tuned copy that satisfies what the customer wants will make sure that:


  • Your website pages are tuned in to What the Customer Wants.
  • The people you attract are the Right People: your target Customer.
  • Your pages are the Obvious Answer to your customers’ needs.
  • Your pages lead the customer to the Action you want them to take.
  • Each page picks up all the local searchers for a service however they phrase their search.

… Just to say your search engine work must be working.  Had a few calls over the last few days from providers around the country wanting the centre for training courses in Carlisle.  The latest one was a 3 week course in September…

Pam McCall

Bookings Manager, Stanwix Community Association

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