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Websites Recommended by Consulting Cumbria Ltd

Websites that make the job of online marketing easier for non-experts who want to learn for themselves.

Some of these will be affiliate links where I do hope to earn a little bit if you buy the product.

The links direct you to websites where there is very useful free information that does not require a purchase.

Useful Websites for Cumbria Based Businesses

Online Directories for Businesses UK

To give yourself the best chance of being recognised as a legitimate business that lives where you claim it does; make use of as many of these online listings as possible.  The crucial rule here is to make sure your NAP information is consistent.

That’s Name, Address and Phone number!
Yell Local directory Logo
Yell is the directory that pops up everywhere, despite the slow death of its paper granddad.  if it’s on the front page for your business, then you need to be in it.  Would I pay for the meatier listing?  At the moment no. Just go for the simple free listing.



freeindex-business-directory-logo  You get what you pay for is the usual wisdom.  Freeindex does have a paid option, but I haven’t ever experimented with it, as the free listing seems to perform quite well for a range of different business types.


Online Directories for Businesses Cumbria and North West

Cumbria Chambers of Commerce The “official” business network and part of the collaboration that runs the Cumbria LEP.

iCumbria is a Cumbrian focussed online directory which has gained quite a lot of authority over the past year and a half since I first became aware of it.

in-Cumbria is the local news organisation’s business magazine companion – with bells and whistles.  Opportunities for local businesses to show off their expertise by advising other’s in short “5 point” articles for the weekly newsletter.


Internet Marketing Information Products (These are affiliate links in general)


Facebook Fanpage Editor Fanboom is the creation of local Carlisle based entrepreneur, Stuart Frank.  He has managed to deliver an incredibly versatile and simple to use product that makes fan page creation a breeze.