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SEO Audit: Internet Marketing Health Check

Simple SEO Audit for Local Marketing 

SEO audit and internet Marketing Health Check: a site analysisThis audit is suitable for businesses with a local focus. i.e. you want to get local customers to your place from a distinct locality. We’ll carry out a Simple SEO Audit of 1 web page for your most important keyword or phrase.

This will give you a simple, easily understood analysis of your website against a range of 10 local ranking factors that are known to influence your business’ ability to appear in front of the right customers’ eyeballs in your locality.

How to Proceed

To do this you need to let me know 2 important pieces of information

  • the most important keyword or phrase that you think your potential customers would type in to find Your Kind of Product or Service
  • the most important place for your business. (In Carlisle for instance do you know that most of your existing customers found you because they were looking for an “Audi garage in”  Scotland Road, Stanwix, Carlisle or north Cumbria?)

Consulting Cumbria team members will then carry out an audit of your website’s visibility and technical “tuning” to that keyword and location. We will create a very short 16 point summary of strengths and weaknesses measured against the 10 most important factors to help you rank highly in your chosen search. This will also include hints about what you need to work on as priorities to improve your website’s effectiveness locally.

These SEO health check videos are only a very brief indication of how or where YOUR BUSINESS website, directory entry or Google Places listing shows up, for one keyword and location.

Detailed Local Online Marketing and SEO Overview

We also offer more detailed online visibility audits for businesses that market to a fairly local audience but where they are aware of competitors who are already

Choose a Detailed SEO Audit for Local Marketing

3 keyword/locations combinations for £37

6 keyword/locations combinations for £47

9 keyword/locations combinations for £57

12 keyword/locations combinations for £67

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Technical SEO Audits

For businesses who are serious about their online marketing success we can offer a deluxe technical SEO audit of your website and visibility factors for assessing your level of Internet marketing magic!

Choose a Technical SEO Audit

These are in-depth studies and take significant time and resources to conduct.  They will give a very detailed appraisal of your current strengths and weaknesses and strong clues about the best way to proceed from the current position

The cost starts at £97 for 3 keywords.