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SEO Audit: Internet Marketing Health Check

 Local SEO Audit For Cumbria Businesses. Great For B&B in Ambleside to Carpet Fitters in Carlisle
SEO audit and internet Marketing Health Check: a site analysisThis quick local seo audit is perfect for businesses who need to attract new customers or clients within their local area. We’ll carry out the assessment of your website starting with just your brand name. All we need is your brand name to start the audit. Then we needyour email address to send you the results.

This audit process is suitable for businesses as varied as bed and breakfast guest houses in Ambleside to garden centres in Carlisle. You will receive simple to understand data that will help you make informed decisions about your future digital marketing decisions!

By allowing us to carry out this simple audit procedure you will gain some basic digital marketing data and metrics. These will help you to understand how discoverable your business is online! This is crucial information in assessing what you need to do, to to appear in front of targeted searchers. These are the most likely to become the right customers’ when in your locality. It gives a very good indication of what’s needed to get you in front of the competition in the county!


SEO  & Digital Marketing Health Check For Cumbria Business Owners



Why Does SEO Audit Data Matter?

local seo audit results competitor listingsThis simple SEO health check and the information it delivers, are only a starting point for discussion. Firstly it provides a proper basis for creating future marketing plans. Next we dig into the real nature of your business so that our advice aligns with your business objectives. Armed with this background knowledge we can then carry out detailed keyword research and topic mapping.

In addition we review your analytics data, your visibility in social media platforms and many other factors which all play a part in identifying where the effort and investment should be applied. The initial seo and digital marketing audit provides you with some easily identified metrics quickly.

This is a perfect starting point for the detailed research that will help you to form an intelligent digital marketing plan that will become part of your overall marketing strategy.

Don’t delay, add your brand name to the blue box above and  start understanding just how visible your business is to online searchers.