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Local SEO and Social Media Case Studies

Client Case Studies: Improved Lead Generation and Profits

These case studies of some of our clients are a very simple demonstration of the online marketing reality.  Investment in your website, to create a positive return on the investment you have made in your business, is one of the most effective ways to increase profits and viability, particularly in these days of commercial uncertainty.

Traditional advertising is far from dead, but it simply doesn’t produce the returns that it once did. Much of the paper advertising, that companies use is so untargeted and wasteful, it’s an affront to any business with any green values whatsoever. It cannot be tracked with any accuracy and it almost always results in people trying to find you online anyway.  So make it easy for customers or clients to find you and reduce the friction – that takes them to your competitors. Whether you need help with social media marketing, getting your website found, or turning web visitors into engaged fans and buyers, who come back for more; we can help you find the pathway that will funnel more customers your way.

New Website Case Studies 2

Challenge: to Compete with High Authority, Long Established Holiday letting Websites, that are Well Established in Northumberland Holiday market.

Deb Walton first contacted my collaborator Chris Wilcox of Light Bulb Web Design simply to create a website with integrated booking portal, for a new glamping business to help diversify the income streams to the existing farm business. After referring Deb to myself, I carried out a full appraisal of the keywords that likely prospects would use, and where the glamping business’ future competitors sat in relation to those searches. Auditing of competitor strength allowed us to tailor a local visibility package that included a carefully planned website that targeted all the search angles that customers might use; seo aware copywriting, local and niche directory listings to be more “present” than competitors and setting up of social media channels for audience engagement. In the first 4 months of operation, the website has gone from 0 to a typical monthly traffic volume of 1100 – 1200. The website visitors have resulted in near fully booked pods for the bulk of the summer season, giving Glampods Northumberland an excellent first season. This was achieved despite the interruption of building work during the hard winter.

Further Work Recommendations:

  • Strengthen blog writing to target wider range of keywords related to pod glamping and the attractions in the Otterburn / Northumberland National Park.
  • Build out further landing pages for other keywords;
  • Develop social media skills and leverage facebook advertising to engage with potential customers and stay in touch with previous happy occupants of the pods.
  • Develop use of Youtube videos
  • Develop external backlinks to raise authority and profile relative to established competitors.

Website Refresh Case Studies 1

Challenge: to Refresh the Branding, Improve the Search Presence and Increase New Patient Enquiries and Registrations for a Well Established Local Private Dental Practice in Carlisle.

The York Place Dental Practice first approached myself for advice about improving their search visibility as they had noticeably lost ground to competing practices in the area. An initial audit of the website revealed several significant errors in the the previous copy and SEO activities that they had engaged in, in-house. These were significantly reducing their ability to be seen for key search terms that would bring visitors to the website… and the potential to attract new clients. The practice offers a range of cutting edge treatments to Carlisle dental patients and is seen as a leading innovator in private dental care in the area. The initial keyword research demonstrated a need for deeper research unto the practice’s current standing and into the competitor websites’ strengths and weaknesses. We engaged Light Bulb Web Design to complete the rebuild of the website and I took a deep look at the keyword data for dentistry for the services offered and the target area. Changes were made to the original structure of the website and a final plan was agreed for the website design to be commenced. While initial design work was going on, the website copy was completely rewritten to target the appropriate searchers more accurately. Much extraneous and incorrect metadata was also fixed. The audit also revealed a series of conflicting phone numbers located in old listings that had never been updated. We spent significant time regaining control of listings and updating the local NAP+W data for consistency with the website.

The result of this work was an initial upturn in traffic from around 350 visitors per month in November 2017 to over 600 during the summer months of 2018. There was a decrease in bounce rates as the visitors were better targeted. York Place enjoyed an improved rate of enquiries initially, but there was a falling off after a couple of months. Subsequent investigations reveal that competitors have upped their local SEO activities following takeovers by a national dentistry chain.

Further Work Recommendations:

  • Investigation of competitor strategies
  • Initiate a programme of page testing to improve conversions.
  • Develop a programme of external link acquisition.
  • Initiate digital PR campaign with a focus on generating backlinks.

Social Media Case Studies 1

Challenge: to Assist SM Marketing Company with Management of Social Media Accounts for an International Outdoor Industry Client

Tentipi nordic tipi superb tent case studyI was approached by Tony Stephenson Social Media for Business.  Tony was seeking some assistance with work for one of his major clients Tentipi AB of Sweden, manufacturers of Nordic tipis.  The remit was to promote the Tentipi Adventure range of  Nordic tipis internationally via Twitter and Facebook. With an increasing work load he needed someone with experience of the outdoors and with an understanding of the equipment needed to engage in a range of outdoor activities.  This had to be combined with social media skills and an ability to apply an understanding of Brand values across several social media platforms.  This fitted into my development plan perfectly, so we agreed to collaborate on this work. Over the following 3 months Tony inducted me into the very intense work pattern established by the company, based on his own and his colleague’s extensive training and experience of a full social media management workload.   My early foundations in social media marketing have been substantially enhanced through this level of business involvement.   Communicating with the target audience has involved developing a high level of understanding of products, the audience, and the Brand values too.  All this has been necessary to allow sourcing of good quality materials  of interest to the target market, promoting everything about the Tentipi brand and its values in a proportionate manner, responding to user engagement, referring sales leads and enquiries to the most appropriate suppliers internationally; and the management of lists, followers and fans. Building on the foundations established before September 2012, we have continued to test and refine what we offer to the Tentipi audience.  Followers on Twitter have grown from around 3000 to current levels of  almost 4300.  We have a low level of unfollowing and good levels of engagement.  The Facebook account has grown from around 1200 to over 1800 in the same time frame and very high levels of engagement are common.  During my period of involvement with Tentipi social media marketing has been directly involved in new distributors and retail stores selling the brand.   Numerous retail enquiries now combine with excellent levels of engagement within our target markets.   Feedback from our client Tentipi AB is, likewise, excellent, and CEO Bengt Grahn is increasing his commitment to social media marketing activities for 2013.

Update: August 2015 The ongoing work with Tentipi has seen the Facebook account grow to 16,738 Page Likes, a typical Talking About figure that hovers between 900 – 1000 on most days. The page now generates an irregular stream of sales enquiries that can be redirected to the retailers in the appropriate country.

Update: August 2018 The page has grown to a following of over 86,000 followers with engagement that outperforms much bigger manufacturers’ facebook engagement and generates sales referrals from the audience to the retailers in various countries on a weekly basis.


New Website Case Studies 1

Challenge: to Compete with High Authority, Long Established Community Websites, that are Part of a High Authority City Council Network.

Stanwix Community Centre Carlisle case studyStanwix Community Association required a website that would help them get over a period of 2 years when the community association was unable to generate any revenue; due to a long drawn out refurbishment and frost damage.   Members of the community association were keen to be able to automate some of the booking processes and to be found in local searches for appropriate keywords. One committee member with an eye for design chose the overall look of the website.  It was then optimised for a series of 7 keywords that appeared to be related to the target audience we wanted to attract to hire the room and keep it viable for the community members to use for their activities. Despite being up against a network of long established local authority community centres, different landing pages soon began to appear in searches for the services we offer.  1 page failed to: but this is deliberately de-tuned: until the facilities are in place to actively promote Stanwix Community Centre as a training room. Currently the website brings in 2 or 3 ad hoc bookings per month which is on target for the first year.  It is also one of the key factors that has attracted the attention of adult education leaders to take the “tiniest” community centre seriously as a venue.

Further Work Recommendations:

  • Rewrite website with a stronger copy-writing focus;
  • Build out further landing pages for other keywords;
  • Involve volunteers in writing for the blog section;
  • build robust social media profile Linked In;
  • optimise overly large image files to speed up load times;
  • identify a caching module that does not interfere with the booking module to further improve load times.

Update September 2015: The website now generates 4 – 5 enquiries and on aversge about 2 new bookings per week.

Your Case Studies Could be Here Too!

Optimisation; Better Exposure; More Traffic; More Engagement; More Customers; Improved ROI; Higher Profit !

your seo rofit cumbria case studyIf you want a bigger slice of the local commercial pie, you need to take action now!  Don’t wait until the competition have already taken the easiest pickings!  Online marketing that uses the best SEO, Social Media and Web Design strategies has repeatedly been proven to deliver the lowest cost new leads and customers.  Let Consulting Cumbria Ltd turn your website from just another ghost town on the web, into a lead generation profit driver. Do you want evidence rather than anecdote? Get valuable fresh marketing research insights by signing up to our email list. Getting your business in front of the right – targeted – eyeballs, belonging to the ideal customers for your business  because you are prominent in search results, will involve a mixture of the following strategies:

  1. Keyword optimisation of each page already on your website for the questions, needs and wants of your local market.
  2. The addition of content to your website that is tuned in to those customer questions and targets the words and phrases they are using.
  3. Planning and implementing the internal link structure your website.  A website that is well connected internally can receive a noticeable boost in its authority and visibility.
  4. Implementing a Google places page and optimising it with a selection of most appropriate categories, the uploading of photographs and linking to appropriate video material.
  5. Submitting your business details in a consistent format to the most appropriate business directories online.
  6. Attracting genuine backlinks from good quality websites using a variety of compliant strategies, to enhance your online authority.
  7. Building of a mobile friendly annex to your existing website or a responsive redesign, which suits your customers thought processes and habits.
  8. Design of a completely new website if necessary.
  9. Social media promotion in the appropriate channels for your market.
  10. A schedule for ongoing maintenance of all theses assets to keep you ahead of competitors and entice new visitors to use your services.

Further Work Recommendations:

Well… what are you waiting for, the journey to improved returns can start here.  You know your website could do better than the competition. Get More Customers by picking up the phone now.  Talk to Ray Cassidy on 01228 907 795 or 07576 893 178