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Link Building and Earning

Links are still a massively important vote of confidence in your website

And Google Says so Too!

So straight from the horse’s mouth (or Matt Cutts’ at least), the value of backlinks is explicitly confirmed.  Without the votes of confidence pointed at you by other related websites, the search results become surprisingly spammy and less valuable to users.  However, that implied thumbs up from the Big G, comes with a caveat: link building and link earning have to be carried out with an eye on quality and honesty.

What’s involved! How do I get good quality backlinks from a range of different websites?

  1. good quality content to attract backlinksGive Someone a Reason to Link!  Have good content that solves problems, answers questions, satisfies needs, surprises and delights your visitors so that they just want to share your stuff with their friends!
  2. outreach to website owners in your contact list and in your industry is criticalOutreach.  Get in touch with people who are relevant to your market and ask them nicely… it can take weeks of delicate negotiation.
  3.  Understand the standards and guidelines about linkbuilding that are used by the search enginesUnderstand. Google, Bing, Yahoo and all the other search engines have very clear guidelines on how to go about acquiring links. Learn this Stuff to avoid being penalised.
  4. composing new high quality content is the real crux of attracting links from other websites.Publish More Stunning Stuff! Content marketing is an ongoing process that your company needs to commit to in a business like manner.
  5. pay the star staff who take the time to learn how to build and attract links ethicallyPay Your Staff for Their Time.  Whose job will all of these tasks be? It is a major marketing responsibility! Careless or spammy backlinking practices can get you some very unwelcome attention from Google!
  6. pay the star staff who take the time to learn how to build and attract links ethicallyOR Engage Us.  We have connections with some of the most amazingly inventive agencies in the UK and abroad who can create link worthy content in a variety of formats for you.

Help Me Attract Links


Background Information For Safe Link Building Programmes

Quality Considerations For Attracting Links

The best link building comes from a website which voluntarily publishes a backlink that points at some of your amazingly useful content without being asked.  The sad truth is that for businesses in competitive industries where the customer base is national or global, just waiting for the natural recognition of the quality of your site isn’t going to cut it.

You do need to work at attracting links.  For local businesses, those links may just be a few good quality directory listings which are better and meatier than your competitors in the town you are targeting.  For an SEO and marketing agency like ourself, the game has to be approached in a more sophisticated manner.

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