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Internet Marketing Services For Cumbria Businesses

It’s All About YOUR Business

To deliver the most effective Internet marketing services, Consulting Cumbria Ltd works with business owners and first of all we listen to your goals. With your permission I use your knowledge of your customers habits and the the data on traffic and conversions that you already have; to focus on the best ways for your business to compete on the Internet for local, regional , national or even global customers.  Inbound marketing strategies; in essence attraction marketing have proven to be the most cost effective way of bringing more customers through your door.

Local Internet Marketing  Services and SEO for Business in Carlisle, Cumbria and the Borders Region

The services we provide are the components of a successful Internet marketing strategy and come in 2 main parts.

Your Website’s Internet Marketing Review Part 1: Assessment

Internet marketing services depend on search engines finding you relevantFinding Out What’s Happening on Your Existing Website: Benchmarking

It is important to know what is happening already on your website, its history, traffic sources and the keywords that are currently bringing you visitors. In partnership with you, we carry out a thorough review of the Google Analytics (or your own solution’s) data.

Keyword Research:

Frequently neglected… and even more often misunderstood.  Keyword research is still a critically important step when companies move their resources online.  Keywords represent the questions asked by your customers and prospects; so your online presence must play to what people are searching for: i.e. your landing pages must provide the best answer to their questions.  Keyword research establishes the keywords that are used by real people to search for your services and products.  Our tools give us the ability to gauge the competitiveness of each keyword and the effort and resources needed to beat your competitors.

Your Website’s SEO Health Part 1: On Page Factors that Can Easily Turn Your Website Into Your Best Salesman

In simple terms, these are the technical details about the information structure on each page of your website: ensuring page titles reflect content and keywords: header tags use the appropriate keywords; making sure content of each page is relevant to your business activities and that it is relevant to: first of all, your customers and prospects; secondly (again!) those keywords and  that it is accessible via smart phones and tablets.  If you go for the SEO Health check service we offer, you will have the beginnings of a plan for world (or at least local) domination.  Part 1 is presented to customers as part text report and part screen video capture report.

Your Website’s SEO Health Part 2:

This boils down to what other people and websites think of your website!  Part of this is bound up in how many websites link back to you (backlinks) and increasingly importantly, social media mentions.  Do you appear in a comprehensive range of directories and how good is the quality and optimisation of your business’ Google Plus Local map listings and map listings in other search engines.  These factors are especially important for local businesses.


Your Website’s Internet Marketing Review Part 2:  A Strategy for Improving Your Rankings and Getting Top Google Placements.

Consulting Cumbria Ltd will advise you on a strategy to help you grow your business by getting MORE CUSTOMERS via your online presence.  Search engine optimisation for Internet marketing needs to be an ongoing process: it’s a bit like keeping the garden watered and like most gardens, this needs a significant chunk of work up front and then regular maintenance for best results.   There will always be 3 parts to this strategy.

a) Designing or redesigning the information structure of your website, including making it accessible to mobile devices.  Additionlly, the content is fine tuned to answer the questions that prospects are searching out answers for.  The components of this phase include keyword research, and several technical processes that enhance the  basic SEO for business websites and pages.  Working within the guidelines set out by the search engines themselves, this process develops content with high value for your customers and also helps the spiders to classify your pages correctly.

b) Setting out a plan for developing relationships with other companies and websites via websites, blogs and social media – to your site(s) to help you stand out clearly as the best answer to those  searches.  We also ensure that your website is engaging and doesn’t drive people away when displayed in mobile devices.

c)  Social Media Management Strategy: establishing a good network of social media sites and a regular routine for posting updates about your business in a professional and engaging manner that encourages people to look at your main website and spread the word. YouTube, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the multitudes of other social channels are the 21st-century equivalent of good old fashioned word-of-mouth.