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Beacon – Local Online Visibility Boost

The first step in gaining new customers from local searches, is to make sure you are visible! To achieve a decent degree of online visibility, there are 3 main steps in that digital marketing effort.

  1. Does your online presence provide answers or access to a solution to a searcher’s need… in their locality? Are you relevant and local?
  2. Have you made your brand’s voice heard on social media where those customers congregate?
  3. Can those people find what they need once they get to your website and is it clear what they need to do to get it?


Beacon local visibility service ensures youe business shines out as the obvious best solution for your customersMaking your business local and relevant is what our beacon service focuses on. We want to turn you into the beacon that shines as a solution to your customer’s problems, needs or even better, their wants! By working on your website content and the quality of your local directory listings and citations, you can make your business so relevant that you’ll be like the beacon the Reivers could never extinguish.

So do you know how you feature against your competitors in local search results? Our approach is to find out how relevant you are already and identify which search related factors do you need to focus on first to get ahead? Then, a little like an a la carte menu, your business can simply choose what it actually needs in order to be the Beacon that’s always lit up at the top of your local search results.

Ingredients of the Local Visibility Beacon Service

Local “Online Visibility” Audit

search marketing audits of seo ranking factors & conversionsFind out exactly where you stand, how brightly your beacon is shining and how to out-“reive” the competition. Comprehensive measurements of your visibility for up to 50 local, county and regional keywords and phrases in the search results.

£47 setup & first month, £23monthly for ongoing reports and monitoring.

Google My Business Local Listing Tune Up

generating the best quality local citations with accurate NAP dataThis is still close to being the  #1 most influential factor for local visibility. It’s influence is out of all proportion to the amount of activity that Google Plus’ local tools see. It’s not a social media fail, it’s Google’s new clothes. Your business needs to wear them. It is still one of Google’s most trusted signals for verifying that your content is trustworthy.


Citation Clean Up

caution_64pxCleaning up the mess left behind when businesses “move house ” is important.  Leaving old NAP data (Name, Address Phone number) in forgotten listings can seriously damage your business health.  They confuse people and search engines about where your business really is. In turn this reduces the trust you earn and you gradually slide from view. I know – it happened to me! 🙁

£24 per 3 listings

Citation Booster

content marketing using test, images, video, sound and any kind of material to tell your brand story and get your message to resonate with your key audiencesMake sure that your digital signature is in every place that Google searches for reassurance that you’re genuine.There are a multitude of directories and and hyper local listings that can be relevant to your location and your line of business. If your competitors are present with accurately completed, up to date listings, then they have a strong competitive edge if everything else is equal. It is important for a business to be on top of their listings.

£24 per 3 listings

On Page Tune Up

on page tune up to address searchers wants and needsTune your pages in, to the questions or problems (represented by the keywords) your customers use & attract the right visitors. Not everybody is looking for you by name.  The people in your town who don’t know you yet want solutions, products and satisfaction!  This service involves both the technical fiddly tasks that are often overlooked, keyword research to find the related keywords that you weren’t addressing, and rewriting of the content.

£37 per page

Citation Customiser

Beautiful responsive web design for conversionQuality and completeness of citations is another strong boost to your local marketing. Each directory and citation website has its own combination of short and long descriptions, image placements, video upload potential, and categorisations.  This makes it possible to tailor each of your listings to use all of the available data and to make the text in each one that little bit more unique. These are a massively overlooked factor in boosting your online visibility when trying to market your business locally.

£57 per 3 listings

Backlink Development

We only do link building services honestly by earning authority from other websites in your line of workLinks from another website that point at your website are still a powerful help in digital marketing.  They still have a huge influence on how effectively your able feature high in search results that are relevant for purchase ready customers. Let us handle the searching and outreach!

From £257 for a campaign focused on 1 key theme

What do YOU do next?

If you are well tuned in to the techniques of Online Marketing for your business in Cumbria, the Borders and the North East, then just ring or email us and tell us what you want.  If you are less certain, ask for a preliminary audit of your online marketing fitness and we will give you some guidance on just what is really necessary. 01228 907 795